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“…It is necessary that the human understanding and feeling rather moved to the border of anarchist ideas associated with the greatest removal of the technology, which somehow can seriously damage the environment. It is a long process that must be started in the near future. It does not matter if its bearers will call themselves anarchists, communists, primitivists, or perhaps a Spotted Dungbeetles (Puntíčkovaní chrobáci)…” – John Zerzan, interview for Czech magazine A-kontra, 2004

We can talk about us as about a project, or we can be a group or movement, or we are just individuals who do not like the state and relationship to the environment, state and relationship of our society, condition of our lives or human exploitation of non-human animals.

We think that, as well as does not matter how we call ourselves – anarchists, communists, primitivists, or perhaps a Spotted Dungbeetles, does not matter specifically how we’ll characterize who we are. Although a Project would be the right word for our activities.

We advocate the anarchist critique of civilization. It means that our criticism and rejection does not only include the current system, but our understanding of how social, environmental or socio-environmental problems lies in the very civilization, technology, agriculture or domestication.

Our efforts are not driven by ideology, but is driven extinction and violence which embodies civilization to life on earth and people. It is driven hierarchies and repression that drive and maintain civilization, just as it is driven by our desire for free, not only without power and domination of capital, but also domination of technologies themselves, civilization and domestication.

In our project we also translate into Czech language a essays and interviews from authors such as John Zerzan, Layla AbdelRahim, Kevin Tucker, Fredy Perlman, Feral Faun, Derrick Jensen, John F. Jacobi, Ted Kaczynski etc.

We also did an interview with Layla AbdelRahim. Interview can be found here: http://puntickovanichrobaci.noblogs.org/post/2013/11/17/interview-with-layla-abdelrahim-on-anarcho-primitvism-red-anarchism-and-veganism/. This interview you can also download and print it, and distribute it outside the virtual space. See pdf.

We publish brochures that include essays, interviews, etc. that we translated and our texts. One of these brochures is PŘEŽITÍ (SURVIVAL). It is more a zine than a brochure. The title of the zine is derived from the situation where we are. We live in this living world that not only is systematically destroyed, but dying, and dying faster and faster of the hands of civilization. But because we focus not only on environmental, socio-environmental problems, zine is also focuses on the social problems that we deal with on a much deeper level, which gives us the anarchist critique of civilization.

PŘEŽITÍ (along with our other brochures) can be found here: http://puntickovanichrobaci.noblogs.org/ke-stazeni/. (In this section are also links to materials in English, which were issued in abroad.)

“..after decades of research and dozens of social-change movements, I have long suspected. That it is not just contemporary industrial society that is dysfunctional; it is civilization itself. That we humans are born to be creatures of the land and the sea and the stars; that we are relations to the animals, cohorts to the plants. And that our well-being, and the well-being of the very planet, depend on our pursuance of our given place within the natural world.” – Chellis Glendinning

Contact: puntickovani-chrobaci@riseup.net

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